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Vance Gilbert Tour, Richmond VA and More

Hi VanceFans,

Tell you a story. The Richmond 2/21 (Sunday evening coming) gig promoter folks got panicked and indignant because it said “help!!” in one of my tweets, trying to get people to come to that currently “intimate attendance” show. They thought it looked “desperate”.

Hell, isn’t “desperate” a French word that means “folk retirement 501K”? Far less desperate than saying “I’m canceling…"

Let’s show them that keening, wheedling and begging actually does get folks to come to shows, as Asheville is almost sold out, while Bolivia is about 1/2 house gone.

Ahhh, Richmond….

Tell your friends in Richmond, will you?

thx, vance


2/18 98.1 The River in Asheville round 12 - 12:30pm.
…..then later that evening….
2/18 Thursday Asheville NC Isis Music Hall


2/19 Friday Winston Salem, NC


2/20 Saturday Bolivia NC


2/21 Sunday Richmond VA Tin Pan


Other Highlights of Note:

Ellis Paul Songwriting retreat on Cape Cod Aug 11 - 14

I’ll be teaching there, and we will do a concert together. You’ve seen me play, some have seen me teach performance/songwriting. Come do both for 3 days with us
The Guthrie Center, Great Barrington MA , where my friend Arlo wrote Alice’s Restaurant, and where I have played the 2nd week of August for more han a decade, needs a new roof - this one is leaking and destroying the place.
You can help here:

More Vance show stuff like March and through the rest of his life are found at, you can click through somewhere on this page…

a recent Facebook post I liked, by me:

Funny quote of the day..My two dogs were crisscrossing in front of me making my run (ok, jog..shush you..) nearly impossible and I up and holler at them both:

"Roscoe!! Bessie!! It's not the Americas Cup, you're not racing skiffs, and we're not sailing against the there's no need to tack in front of me!!!
There's so much wrong with that admonishment..

Dang, I’m funny - another reason you should come to see me…thanks for your support both past and in advance… I’d be doing this at home without you..

Peace and xoxo vg