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Vance Tours - WI, MN, Atlanta, NC, and SC!!

Hi VanceFans!

Firstly, welcome, you new Michigan, Texas, and James Maddock fans. You’ll love my mailers. They’re decent reads and I’m funny as hell...

I’ll start out in the North Midwest this Friday for a quick two gigs:

4/13 - Ft Atkinson, WI It’s been a while! I’m thrilled to be back.
4/14 - St. Paul, MN My Minneapolis Home. Sandwiches and desserts are great.


Then I’m out with the Subdudes for a few southern dates:

4/17 & 4/18 - Atlanta, GA
4/19 - Asheville, NC Diana Wortham Theatre


And then I stay South for some solo Vance gigs:

4/20 - Charlotte NC, 704 819-2018
4/21 - Columbia SC, Tree Of Life Social Hall

~ Teaching at Amor Fati scholarship school hosted by rock and roller Mike Posner May 16 - 23

~ Still waiting to see if he records a song or two of mine and if I can pay off this minivan

~ Voice, Songwriting, and Performance Coaching, slots available (a few)

~ Speaking to musicians, producers, and engineers about starting up an album. I’ll get going in earnest in a few months. You’ll know because I’ll come to you for $$$ you’ll invest into the project

~ will tell you more. Facebook knows a few things too (

You seem to love what I do. I love what I do. I love you for you loving it. Thanks