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NJ Twice, NC Nice, Iron Horse and Chocorua New Hamster

Hi VanceFans!!

While I have you - anyone in North or South Carolina or Virginia need a private party or house concert or some private coaching the next day Saturday 9/21? I know it’s short notice but I have the day free…

Here’s where I’m playing for sure!

9/8 - Chocorua, NH,
"Feeling the Barn Concert Series”.

9/14 - Jersey City, NJ,
Hudson West Folk Festival

9/20 - Greensboro, NC,
Been playing for these wonderful folks off and on for years!

9/26 - South Orange, NJ South Orange Performing Arts Center -
My own show!!

**9/27 - Northampton, MA The Iron Horse **
My first official album release show (WEST)!! Tix early as this being one of my homeshows, it will probably sell out!!

NEWS: New CD, Good Good Man, still looking at about 2- 3 weeks to fruition. There will be a video too, Lord help us all. Me. Strutting around, lip synching to

Coaching of songwriting, performance, voice, private parties, air conditioner back to the basement services available upon request.



vgilbert 3276
Some signs are just wrong. Hey Well Known Massachusetts Hospital XXX, you want to spell “inconvenience” in such a way as to engender a little confidence, don't you? You don’t think spelling counts? “Oh, I’m sorry that's not ALS…we we inquiring what ails wait...that’s a “D”’s AIDS...”

vgilbert 3276
Then there’s this sign at my local Walgreens. It’s not wrong, at all. But I’m dying to know just what personal care candy is. Insert your own joke here.

vgilbert 3276
The bottom pic is a sign of me getting along just fine with bassist Walter Blair, he of bass for Rev. Sekou and The Freedom Fighters. He says “Hey Unc, just wanted to share this epic photo with ya" (triple smiley faces). Remember me talking about this Nashville-originating soul group when we all played in Alberta? Walter told me something to the effect “You remind me of a few of my Uncles…” No kidding? I do? Why, then I’ll eat my hat. Or your hat. Hell, I’ll eat someone’s hat...