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Vance’sAcousticPajamaParty #199 - ALMOST 200 SHOW ALMOST 4 YEAR ANNIVERSARY


When: Monday nite 3/4 7:30pm ET


Who gets 10%: Arlington Health and Human Services Charitable Corporation - migrant relief, holiday help, emergency relief, I love my town

Order the CD or pay for this web groovery via: or or
VanceFunder P.O. Box 17, Arlington, MA 02476.
Pay what you like

3/1 - Marblehead, MA - Me & Thee Coffeehouse -



~ I’m going to have an avocado seed necklace made because if that’s all it takes to keep an avocado fresh in the fridge tuppy container then I figure I could look this young like forever.

~ Sciatica disappears as soon as I start playing for an audience. What kind of endorphinic (i made that word up) thing is that about?

~ Honestly college pal Scott Williams’ family comes to my show in NH and that’s half the room. He says there are 6 brothers, but they're seems to be more and more of them each time I play. I think I could write a great Sci-fi story where these brothers actually reproduce through asexual budding. I hope that doesn’t make them mad to read because they are also executive album producers, so I’l just stay grateful - but I’ll always wonder like Rod Serling all off to the side and such.

~ Rainbows are unflushed shooting star poop.

~ Speaking of, I saw a long shooting star last night out my windshield during my drive home from my NH show. I immediately made a wish. Here I am driving a 10 year-old minivan with 152K miles on it, a mortgage on a teeny house, sporting the same red shirt and red shoes you’ve seen at shows for 9 years, eating cold chicken tenders and fries certainly sending my A1C through the roof, and I wished for world peace.

Dude, really? World-Ass Peace? I immediately teared up at my folly, at the fancy of my wish, at whatever meager efforts I do to get that kind of world, at my own foolish hubris for being so self-aware of how good I am or am not at anything while cruising down RT 93.

And it dawned on me - that maybe wishing on stars doesn’t conjure up abject magic, but awareness. A reset.

There’s a song with the lines:

"Mistrust any fool
Who'd just hand it to you
Run quickly should they smile and they say
Here's your brighter day”

It’s work, isn’t it? To even see a shooting star you have to be looking up.

OK so I did wish for a little help getting the blue cheese drips out of this shirt from dipping the fries, still...