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BaD Dog Buffet Album Art Premiere

BaD Dog Buffet
Better Give TODAY
Want your name on the album?
$300 deadline
is 4 days away

I know, right? It's like a bad, Afro-Rap-Haiku, isn't it. But yeah, Jane Hallman, my art director, tells me that she's saving space for names that have given at or above the $300  mark. Above $300 you'll be listed by name as Associate Executive Producers. But she tells me, to stay on album release schedule, that window closes on January 10th!!

Gimmie some money, please?

However I'l still be taking donations after that:

1) actual album release will be Feb 10th, so VanceFunders will still be getting pre-release CDs, premiums, and downloads at least 2 weeks early!
2) any donations after the fact will be part of the Promotion Push. There will still be various premiums just don't get them earlier.
3) Old school checks are always welcome. Lots of you seem to like that better. Write me at and I'll shoot you the office address.

Gimmie some money, please?

---- "Holiday Employment" download is a riot hit. It is the perfect end of the holidays song. Do you know of an actual End Of Holidays Song? me either, till now... Go Vance! Another niche market cornered!!

Look here! Here's a sneak peek at the cover!!

Thanks Jane…

Here's the list of tunes, in the order they'll be on the album:

God Bless Everyone
Nothing From You
Out The Way We Came In
First Ring
Kiss The Bad Boys
For Evelyne
Holiday Employment
Garden In Winter
December 3rd
Unfamiliar Moon
Sweet Potato Dove

Last Minute Holiday Parties

I've done 3, and there's 3 more on the schedule!! Dates are filling up. Email me You can bring me home to your folks with the guarantee that I will eventually leave. Does it get better than that?

Here's what's coming up:

Friday, Jan 17th    
Uncle Calvin's Coffeehouse
North Park Presbyterian Church
9555 North Central Expressway
Dallas, TX

I play here once every year or more. It fills up. It is the greatest coffeehouse of the Southwest. Period.

Thursday, Jan 23rd
Flying Goose Brewpub
40 Andover Road
New London, NH

I haven't been to this intimate place in a while. The food is tremendous, the sound great.

Saturday, Jan 25th
Caffe Lena
47 Phila Street
Saratoga Springs, NY

I may have CDs in hand at this venerable acoustic landmark, where Lena, the owner, once had to shush and reprimand the crowd for not listening more closely to a young man she felt had a lot on the ball and a lot to say...with that, this young man, Bob Dylan, continued with his set.

Please go to for more details on everything.

Please tell others to see me if you live nowhere near the shows on this mailer. People actually do come out when that happens!!

Keep the ugly gift sweater - you never know. And take at least one bite of the fruitcake.

Peace, to everybody.