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VanceFunder Update #3

Hi VanceFunders!
I'm downloading both the master (the thing with all the music on it) and the master artwork (same, but with all the artwork) to the place that makes the CDs today. I'm daunted and excited at the same time, as this is etching in stone. I'm pretty comforted by the fact that upon the last listen I gave to the CD, I loved it, top to bottom.
This also means that I'll have CDs proper in less than 2 weeks, which puts them, and your premiums in your hands like 2 1/2 weeks before John and Suzy Q. Public can get their hands on them!!
In the meantime, here are some links to the pics of the album artwork for you to enjoy - note that most of you have already seen what the cover will look like, but I include it again anyway...

2 int pages


back cover

Thanks again for your faith in me. Enjoy, and I'll get you your stuff soon.  
In+the+meantime,+here+are+some+links+to+the+pics+of= +the+album+artwork+for+you+to+enjoy+-+note+that+most+of+you+have+alrea= dy+seen+what+the+cover+will+look+like,+but+I+include+it+again+anyway=2E= =2E=2E2+int+pages+https://drive= =2Egoogle=2Ecom/file/d/0B-YgYw2IhRpfQzJ3cmNPV0xQLTA/edit?usp=3Dsharing= back+https://drive=2Egoogle=2E= com/file/d/0B-YgYw2IhRpfV3J2LXNrd1kzdFU/edit?usp=3Dsharing= back+cover+https://drive=2Egoogle=2Eco= m/file/d/0B-YgYw2IhRpfUmQzVUFhYTI4VUk/edit?usp=3Dsharingcover+https://drive=2Egoogle=2Ecom/file/d/= 0B-YgYw2IhRpfM3NOVVRGWHFwU2M/edit?usp=3Dsharing
Thanks+again+for+your+faith+in+me=2E Enjoy,+and+I'l= l+get+you+your+stuff+soon=2E+
-Vance<= /div>


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