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"BaD Dog Buffet" is the album's official name

"BaD Dog Buffet" is the album's official name

Hi VanceFans,

Y'all still shoppin' and stuff?

1) The VanceFunder funding campaign/"Holiday Employment" Download/want your name on the CD?

Can you bleebe it? Christmas is like 10 days away, Hanukkah has come and went, Kwaanza is, well, Christmas is like 10 days away! Go to the Funding Page and see what level to give so he/she can see their name on the CD cover. But you'll have to step briskly, as that window closes before the New Year so my Art Director doesn't have dypepsic thrombosis!!

Old school checks are welcome. Lots of you seem to like that better. Write me at and I'll shoot you the office address.

Yes, "Holiday Employment" is a bit of a hit. Go download it. You won't be sorry. OK, maybe a little...

As for the album name, "BaD Dog Buffet", I simply like it. It says nothing about the music inside. I kinda like that. Wait till you see the cover. Hell, *I* can't wait till I see the cover...

2) Last Minute Holiday Parties

I have 5 of these lined up now!! Dates are filling up. Email me Have me. You'll love me

3) I played the following places recently:

The Vanilla Bean gig was a pretty full house, and utterly divine. Thanks Barry, Maria, and soundguy David.

Richmond, VT was cancelled thanks to the snowstorm, waaaaugh I say officially. We are rescheduling for April.

4) I play the following place:

Christmas Eve
Tuesday, December 24
7 PM  
Brighton Allston Congregational Church
404 Washington St.
Brighton, MA 02135

Christmas Eve every year I sing here for my minister-and-20  year friend Karen Fritz and her flock. My partner Deb does too, and we get to select all kinds of cool music. The absolutely monstrously talented Berklee Prof. Fernando Michelin is on piano. One year I did Hendrix's "Angel" as the offering, I always do "Oh Holy Night", and this year I'll be doing Donny Hathaway numbers - "This Christmas" and "Someday We'll All Be Free". I know, cool right? Look, you don't have to be all Christian and stuff. I'm not. Just come and enjoy the tunes. Plus Karen's a cool preacher. Come @ 7PM. I'll be the guy in a red shirt and tie.

Please go to for more details on everything.

Please tell others to see me if you live nowhere near the shows on this mailer. Free CDs are involved if people come referred, and they make great Christmas stocking stuffers .

Finish up that shopping, and Happy Hollandaise,

Peace, and I mean that    


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