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Vance Does NERFA, New Jersey, Winnipeg, St Paul, and Hartford

Hi Folks!

~ Jazz Standards Album and WLF, the World's Laziest Fundraiser. Goes like this. You give me money. Your name ends up on the album. I make it available for download to you free, mail it to you if you beg. Don't care how much you give. $1. $1,000. Alphabetical. Your name or in someone's memory. Period. Album will be: Me, guitar, vocals, old jazz tunes. A late night drift off to sleep, cutting veggies in the kitchen, hum along to Gershwin or Duke Ellington background affair. for PayPal. Write 
for an address to shoot me a check. Or just gimmie money when you see me, and a slip of paper with your name on it so I can credit you.

I need to thank recent donors (I will miss someone, I'm sure, but I have your names in bulk so you'll end up on the album for sure): Sarah, Randy, Jeff, Michele, Suzanne, Theresa, Diane, Caryl, Mary Christine. Did I miss anybody? Thanks.

~ Last Minute Holiday Party - I am available. 'Tween now and up to an 'cluding New Years. Cheaper than you think. Come up with a cause you want to give to, name a price, we split it 50-50 or 60-40 if I have to travel, and the 50% or 40% goes to the charity of your choice. You get me playing your party, I get to play and make money, we both get to give a little something to some good cause. Dates are open. Ping for inquiries. 

Voice, Performance, Songwriting Coaching - In person or Skype or Facetime. About $75 for an hour. Yeah, I'll give you plenty to do for your money...One time or steady students welcome. See you Wednesday Sarah!!

Gigs - 

Saturday 11/15  Kerhonkson, NY
12:30 pm Teaching and Playing at New England Regional Folk Alliance Conference
Saturday Evening, 11/15 
59 Park Avenue,
Scotch Plains, NJ

A double headrerr!! Both fine places, the NERFA more designed to the folk music business enthusiast, but still fun…

Friday, 11/21 Winnipeg, MB
West End Cultural Centre
586 Ellice Avenue 
Winnipeg, MB  R3B 1Z8 CANADA

Please don't tell these people that I not only come for this fabulous gig - for what?  - 15 years now? … but also for the WCAM (Western Canadian Air Museum). OK, tell them - they know me and they understand. I once played this gig in a dress and pumps for Halloween. The opening act dressed up as me. How can we not have fun?

Saturday, 11/22 St Paul, MN
Ginkgo Coffeehouse
721 North Snelling Avenue
St. Paul, MN

I love Kathy and this place. It's been a while. So much for gluten-free - the cookies are killer…

Saturday, 11/29 West Hartford, CT
The Sounding Board at The Universalist Church of West Hartford
433 Fern Street 
West Hartford, CT

This has become a bit of an annual Thanksgiving show for me for the past decade or more. I love the hour and a half drive, the snacks they give me, the sound is perfect, and a mess of CT friends come out. What else is there?


New blog on the election is here (, plus more gigs further down the
You can see where else I'll be come the future too!
Here's a link to a batch of Fugitive Rewinds - too much fun with the phone video recorder. Enjoy:
Look, you voted. Make them work for you. Even if you rail at who got in, make them make it so that we can take care of those less fortunate than ourselves. That's what matter most, above and beyond anything else.
Peace all y'all


November 2014

Saturday, November 15th 8:00pm
All Saints Episcopal Church
All Saints Episcopal Church
Scotch Plains NJ
Call 908-899-1776 for more details

Friday, November 21st 8:00pm
West End Cultural Centre
West End Cultural Centre
Winnipeg MB Canada
Call 204-783-6918 for more details

Saturday, November 22nd 7:30pm
Ginkgo Coffeehouse
Ginkgo Coffeehouse
St. Paul MN
Call 651-645-2647 for more details

Saturday, November 29th 8:00pm
The Sounding Board Coffeehouse
The Sounding Board Coffeehouse
West Hartford CT
Call 860-635-7685 for more details

more events