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Birthday Part Deux, Maine and New Hampshire editions

Hi Y'all,
It's still my birthday. I do the whole week. I remember my momma mentioning a protracted post-labour, so there.
Where I'll be:
Saturday  Oct 18th Haverhill NH
Court Street Arts at Alumni Hall
75 Court Street
Haverhill, NH
I've never been, but I'm told that it's fun. C'mon out NH and VT, folks!!

Friday Oct 24th, Bath ME
The Chocolate Church
 798 Washington Street
Bath, ME  04530
This is my second time here! Look at the venue name. How can I not play here again? Pffffft…
Dan, Rebecca, Nancy, Karen, Jeff, Sarah, George: You guys utterly and totally crack me up!! You folks jumped in toot sweet and sent me money before your computer email thingy even went "ding" from my last mailer!!. Thanks so much for your faith in me.
Here's how you can do it too - no pressure, as this is what I call a World's Laziest Fundraiser:
Here's how to give to the World's Laziest Fundraiser:
1) Send Paypal payment to
2) Send email to for my office address to send a check, made out to me - Vance Gilbert
3) Gimme cash or a check when you see me
Suggested donation - I don't care. A dollar. Five, ten dollars. A thousand dollars. I don't care.
Here's what you get:
1) Your name on the album. Period. Alphabetically. No matter what you give. Totally Socialist like. But yeah, your name or someone else's in their memory. 
2) A CD, when I see you. I ain't mailing nothing, unless you actually request it. I'll look into the free download thing, depending on licensing of the tunes an all. 
Here's what's probably on the album and how it'll sound:
Instrumentation & Personnel:
Guitar - me
Vocal - me
Yeah, that's right. For everyone hollering about "Why all the excess instrumentation?" and "When you gonna do a jazz album?", this is you being served. This will be a background listening, quiet affair. Folk radio will probably hate it. Hell, jazz radio will probably turn their nose up at it. Whatever. Many of you axed me for it. This is for the fans.
Round Midnight
For The Good Times
Moonlight In Vermont
When Sunny Gets Blue
Prelude To A Kiss
Ain't Misbehaving
I'll Buy You A Star
Weaver Of Dreams
I may switch up between the classical guitar and the steel string…whoa, stretching out!!
In the meantime, I have a new blog all up in here:
You can see where else I'll be come the future too!
And there's Twitter and Facebook - oh, btw, I'll be posting more Fugitive Rewinds on Facebook due to popular demand. What's that you say? Think 1 minute's worth of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 meets That Black Friend Of Yours that talks to the screen when you watch a movie together…
Peace all y'all


October 2014

Saturday, October 18th 7:30pm
Alumni Hall
Alumni Hall
Haverhill NH
Call 603-989-5500 for more details

Friday, October 24th 7:30pm
The Chocolate Church
The Chocolate Church
Bath ME
Call 207-442-8455     for more details

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