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A Friend's Funeral, Wakefield, Tiverton, Des Moine, Chicago, Westport...and then some

Hi Ebbody,
First I play the funeral for one of the original Old White Men on Wednesday in PA for the spirit that will always be Donald Hallman. Can I get an Amen? 
Saturday, 9/27 Wakefield MA
Linden Tree Coffeehouse
326 Main Street
Wakefield, MA
Wakefield MA has a special place in my heart. It is the home of the Guillows Model Aircraft company. Many of us that do use our hands in hobby stuff have opened that Guillows box with the die-cut balsa parts and the uber-complete plans. It's not what those of us serious in the hobby actually fly anymore, but they're still there, that factory!! 

Well, I play the fabulous Linden Tree Coffeehouse which is in Guillows, MA, uh, I mean Wakefield, MA... (grin)
Sunday, 9/28 Tiverton RI
Sandywoods Center for the Arts
43 Muse Way
Tiverton, RI
Then the Sandywood Center for the Arts in RI. Click on that website and see who else is playing there. Go ahead, I'll wait... See? Cool place! This show was a bit of a 11th hour addition, so come help fill it. Hey Fred Roses, bring all them people that was at your wedding party. They liked me!!
Saturday, 10/4 Des Moines, IA
Westminster Presbyterian Church / Anchor Coffee House
4114 Allison Avenue
Des Moines, IA
I return to the Anchor!! I love them!! I actually have a following from this area, after playing the Lighthouse Coffeehouse and the Temple Theatre at the Civic Center. Look at that web address - it's sooo looong, it has to be a good place!! I dare you to try jotting that sucker down on a napkin!! Just click on it, come on out, and welcome me back!!
Sunday, 10/5 Hinsdale, IL
Acoustic Renaissance Concert Series/Unitarian Church of Hinsdale
11 West Maple Street
Hinsdale, IL
If you come here me here you get to hear Heather Styka open, and she is wonderful. Again, go to that website and see who else is coming and support me and them...
Saturday, 10/11 Westport, CT ... Vance's Birthday to boot
Voices Cafe/ Westport Unitarian Church
10 Lyons Plains Road, Westport, CT
It's my second time playing this wonderful spot. The first must have gone ok, as they seem to be having me back. You coming? I mean, it is my birthday after all...
... then 
10/17 Bath, Maine (Chocolate Church? how can they NOT have me?)
10/18 Haverill, NH
then Scotch Plains, Toronto, Winnipeg, St. Paul, Hartford, Blairstown, Phoenixville,
A Few Things
~ A few folks have asked to donate to a fund for me to make a Jazz Standards album. I may do a "soft kickstart" for this one, as it won't be a bank breaker. Lemme know if you're inclined, I'll let you know how.
~ I am available for coaching Wednesdays and Thursdays, in person at my place, I'll travel if appropriate ($$) and via Skype. Performance, Songwriting coaching, voice. Wednesdays are sometime full as we speak. Gimmie a shout.
~ VGCHP (Vance Gilbert's Charity Holiday Party) time is upon us! Goes like this - you have a holiday party tween now and New Years, I play, we agree on a $$, I get 60% of that, the rest goes to the charity of your choice. to book yours. 
You should see, at 93 years old, the custom lapel pins Donald Hallman made. His son, my best friend, is one of the world's top model aircraft builders. Apples, tree

Do me a favor this week? Use your hands to do something original that doesn't involve your computer or phone, will you?
See you in your woodsneck, and peace


September 2014

Saturday, September 27th 8:00pm
Linden Tree Coffeehouse
Linden Tree Coffeehouse
Wakefield MA
Call 781-246-2836  for more details

Sunday, September 28th 7:00pm
Sandywoods Center for the Arts
Sandywoods Center for the Arts
Tiverton RI
Call 401-241-7349  for more details

October 2014

Saturday, October 4th 7:00pm
Westminster Presbyterian Church / Anchor Coffee House
Westminster Presbyterian Church / Anchor Coffee House
Des Moines IA
Call 515-274-1534      for more details

Sunday, October 5th 3:00pm
Acoustic Renaissance Concert Series
Acoustic Renaissance Concert Series
Hinsdale IL
Call 630-941-7797   for more details

Saturday, October 11th 8:00pm
Voices Cafe
Voices Cafe
Westport CT
Call 203-227-7205 for more details

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