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VanceShows: Des Moines IA, Hinsdale IL, then Birthday in Westport, CT

Hi All,

You shoulda seen the turnout in Wakefield MA - pretty much sold out - and the one on a Sunday in Tiverton RI, in the realm of "whoa that's pretty good for a Sunday afternoon". Thanks everybody. 
Here's where I'll be this and next weekend, followed by Jazz Album Stuff...

Saturday, 10/4 Des Moines, IA
Westminster Presbyterian Church / Anchor Coffee House
4114 Allison Avenue
Des Moines, IA

Tickets are going briskly!! Get you some!

Sunday, 10/5 Hinsdale, IL
Acoustic Renaissance Concert Series/Unitarian Church of Hinsdale
11 West Maple Street
Hinsdale, IL

Thanks to Rich Warren & others for playing BaD Dog Buffet tunes in the Chitown area. Now come see them done live!!

Saturday, 10/11 Westport, CT + Vance's birthday to boot
Voices Cafe/ Westport Unitarian Church
10 Lyons Plains Road
Westport, CT

Birthday. Family coming. You come too

... then 
10/24 (note date change) Bath ME (Chocolate Church? Go on me with my collective bad self)
10/18 Haverill NH
then Scotch Plains, Toronto, Winnipeg, St Paul, Hartford, Blairstown, Phoenixville,

Jazz Standard Album

1) This guy Mark, a funder for BaD Dog Buffet, comes up to me at a show a week ago and says, "I'm ready to donate to your Jazz Standards CD Fund". I says to him, "But, but...I'm just musing as to when, what..." He says "Whatever, just let me know". So I ask him the big question that I bet a lot of us indie artists just die to ask, but feel it's weird, however you must remember this is Vance asking this, so I ax him:
Mark replies, "Because we want to be a part of it"

2) Dan, another major funder for the last album, comes for our weekly coaching lesson with a check for the session and a second check "for the Jazz Standards Album". After thanking him profusely for the fresh eggs (he's also a farmer), I reply that I'm not quite ready to record. He shrugs and says "Whenever". I tell him about my chat with Mark above at #1. He just nods.
3) My close friend's son after I sang at his grandfather's funeral: "Unc Vance ... See? You don't need all the other instruments. We want to hear just you..."
OK. The album. Solo. Me. Classical or steel stringed guitar, depending on the tune. All Jazz Standards. 3 mics. A day or two. Done. Just a late night, dim light, singing quietly at you, feel. Done
So here's the deal. You want to donate? Here are a) the suggested donation levels and b) the incentives. Ready?:
a) Any amount - Simple as that. 1$, $3, 5$, $1000, $7.95, I don't care. Whatever you want.
b) Your name will be on the album - Full-on Marxist alphabetical listing of names, or anonymous or "in memory of". However you want it.. for PayPal and for address inquiry information as to where to send checks, cash, etc.
I'll start recording this winter. Once I have it done, I'll probably just give you one. Probably. If you ask. There. Done. But I will have a Jazz Standards Album. 
Tunes final to be determined, but definites are: "Moonlight In Vermont", "Round Midnight", "I'll Buy You A Star", "When Sunny Gets Blue", some Duke Ellington. I *might* be open to suggestions..
Performance coaching, singing, guitar, songwriting coaching - (sched is filling up...)
Fall Winter Holiday Benefit Charity Parties - (these are trickling in too)
Oh, did I tell you thanks for the career?thx, xo  vg


October 2014

Saturday, October 4th 7:00pm
Westminster Presbyterian Church / Anchor Coffee House
Westminster Presbyterian Church / Anchor Coffee House
Des Moines IA
Call 515-274-1534      for more details

Sunday, October 5th 4:00pm
Acoustic Renaissance Concert Series
Acoustic Renaissance Concert Series
Hinsdale IL
Call 630-941-7797   for more details

Saturday, October 11th 8:00pm
Voices Cafe
Voices Cafe
Westport CT
Call 203-227-7205 for more details

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