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Vance Gilberrette - Le Church du Chocolatte, Maine

Hi All,
Moi.  I'm so glad that I never forgot my high school French:
Friday Oct 24th, Bath ME
The Chocolate Church
798 Washington Street
Bath, ME  04530
Deidre, Martyn, Pat, Clara, RentBeep (? gimmie a name so I can put it on the cover…), Joe ( awesome cool, as you are my neighbor/close friend and your children did photography for the last album), Nancy. …Thanks. 

World's Laziest Fundraiser:
Here's how to give to the WLF (acronym for World's Laziest Fundraiser - so lazy it needed an acronym)
1)  Paypal payment to
2) Email to for my office address to send a check, made out to me - Vance Gilbert
3) Gimme cash or a check when you see me
Suggested donation - I don't care. A dollar. Five, ten dollars. A thousand dollars. I don't care.
You get:
1) Your name on the album. Period. Alphabetically. No matter what you give. Totally Socialist like. But yeah, your name or someone else's in their memory. 
2) A free download and/or a CD, when I see you. Or I'll mail a CD if you request it…maybe even a thumb drive with the CD on it...
The album and how it'll sound:
Instrumentation & Personnel:
Guitar, Vocal - me
Round Midnight
For The Good Times
Moonlight In Vermont
When Sunny Gets Blue
Prelude To A Kiss (tough tune - hope I can get it to work…Love me some Duke Ellington..)
Ain't Misbehaving
I'll Buy You A Star
Weaver Of Dreams
Dindi (just added, probably)
I may switch up between the classical guitar and the steel string…late night, background music, Nora Jones meets Miles Davis meets Pete Seeger kinda feel. Ok, that's weird, but I swear it's like that...I swear...
New blog all up in here, plus more gigs further down the
You can see where else I'll be come the future too!
Here's a link to a batch of Fugitive Rewinds - too much fun with the phone video recorder. Enjoy:
Peace all y'all


October 2014

Friday, October 24th 7:30pm
The Chocolate Church
The Chocolate Church
Bath ME
Call 207-442-8455     for more details

November 2014

Saturday, November 15th 8:00pm
All Saints Episcopal Church
All Saints Episcopal Church
Scotch Plains NJ
Call 908-899-1776 for more details

Friday, November 21st 8:00pm
West End Cultural Centre
West End Cultural Centre
Winnipeg MB Canada
Call 204-783-6918 for more details

more events