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Upcoming East Coast Gigs, Partay w/Vance, + Other News You Can (Probably) Use

You Guys Crack Me Up,
Firstly, Winnipeg and St. Paul were slam dunks - nice sized houses (100 in Winnipeg!!) and then there was the Western Canada Aviation Museum (swoon). Magnificent tour. 
OK, it was 3 days. 
Ok, it was a tourlette...
Thanks anyhow! I asked the Winnipeg crowd why they did Thanksgiving so early. They said the second week of October was harvest time, and an appropriate time to give thanks...Well *that* makes sense...what is up with the last Thursday of November thing here anyway? I believe it chosen by Abe Lincoln for some reason or another...In any case, I need to find some way to both eat turkey and avoid the certain to follow gout attack. (Mind you, I'm fine now...). Any Rheumatologists out there know of a preemptive strike methodology? Please don't leave me to eat Tofurkey. I will hurt someone.
~ Jazz Vocal-GuitarAlbum via the World's Laziest Fundraiser.  
VanceFans, I can't tell you how the recent support of the Jazz Standards album has buoyed me. People handing me cash at shows with a slip of paper as to how they want their name on the CD. Checks in the mail, Cash in the mail. PayPal. Someone gave a dollar. Someone gave $300. A niece/daughter of a friend that I remember as a 2nd grader. People I know that despise jazz. All of you seem to have faith in what it is I do. 
Thanks so much.
Recent thank you's should include Gail, Heather (hi James!), Susan, Robin, Kevin, Steven, Stephen (bon marriage!!), Andy & LeAnne, Wally & Julie (love you two more than you know...Go FAC!!!), Marc, Steven & the folks at Creative Ventures, Emily (you so cute!!). 
I think I'm going to be able to cover pressing, studio time, and artwork with what we come up with. It's lazy so I haven't set a last day date yet. I'll say it's a few days before final artwork. Info as to how to join this crazy club follows:
Simple. Your Money. Your Name on the album, alphabetical, no matter how much $$ you donate Yeah totally Socialist Style. I make it avail for download to you free, mail it to you if you beg. $1. $1,000. I don't care. Your name or in someone's memory. 
Just me, guitar, vocals. Sweet, backgroundy listeningy kind of affair for making dinner to, sending e-mails, arranging desk papers, etc.
Do for Paypal.   
Write for an address to shoot me a check. Or money when you see me.
~ Last Minute Holiday Party - Only like 1 Dec weekend date left.  Cheaper than you think. Come up with a cause you want to give to, name a price, we split it 50-50 or 60-40 if I have to travel, and the 50 or 40% goes to the charity of your choice. You get me playing your party, I get to play and make money, we both get to give a little something to some good cause. for inquiries. 

Voice, Performance, Songwriting Coaching - I just took on an Internationally known vocalist-harpist for songwriting coaching!! Lookout! I'm big time now!! Still time for you too! In person or Skype or FaceTime if need be. About $75 for about an hour. Yeah, I'll give you plenty to do for your money…One time or steady students welcome. 
Saturday, 11/29 West Hartford, CT
The Sounding Board at The Universalist Church of West Hartford
433 Fern Street 
West Hartford, CT

THE Thanksgiving show for me for the past decade or more.  I love the hour and a half drive, the snacks are divine, the sound is perfect, and a mess of CT friends come out. Word is that a mess of people are planning to show, so it is going to be packed - you'll wanna get tickets early...
Friday 12/5 Blairstown NJ
Historic Blairstown Theatre
30 Main Street 
Blairstown, Nj  07825    
An evening with my best friend Ellis Paul. Need I say more?
Sat 12/6 Phoenixville, PA
Steel City Coffeehouse
Phoenixville, PA
This little independent music oasis is just that. Great sandwiches, salads, mac & cheese, French bread pizza. Exciting harp guitarist Dan LaVoie opens.
New blog here, plus more gigs further down the
You can see where else I'll be come the future too!
Here's a link to them Fugitive Rewinds - too much fun with the phone video recorder. Enjoy:
We are bigger than Ferguson. We are smaller than this Universe. What's it take to remind folks of that?


November 2014

Saturday, November 29th 8:00pm
The Sounding Board Coffeehouse
The Sounding Board Coffeehouse
West Hartford CT
Call 860-635-7685 for more details

December 2014

Friday, December 5th 8:00pm
Historic Blairstown Theatre
Historic Blairstown Theatre
Blairstown NJ
Call 908-362-1399 for more details

Saturday, December 6th 8:30pm
Steel City Coffeehouse
Steel City Coffeehouse
Phoenixville PA
Call 610-933-4043      for more details

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