Upcoming East Coast Gigs, Partay w/Vance, + Other News You Can (Probably) Use

You Guys Crack Me Up,
Firstly, Winnipeg and St. Paul were slam dunks - nice sized houses (100 in Winnipeg!!) and then there was the Western Canada Aviation Museum (swoon). Magnificent tour. 
OK, it was 3 days. 
Ok, it was a tourlette...
Thanks anyhow! I asked the Winnipeg crowd why they did Thanksgiving so early. They said the second week of October was harvest time, and an appropriate time to give thanks...Well *that* makes sense...what is up with the last Thursday of November thing here anyway? I believe it chosen by Abe Lincoln for some reason or another...In any case, I need to find some way to both eat turkey and avoid the certain to follow gout attack. (Mind you, I'm fine now...). Any Rheumatologists out there know of a preemptive strike methodology? Please don't leave me to eat Tofurkey. I will hurt someone.
~ Jazz Vocal-GuitarAlbum via the World's Laziest Fundraiser.  
VanceFans, I can't tell you how the recent support of the Jazz Standards album has buoyed me. People handing me cash at shows with a slip of paper as to how they want their name on the CD. Checks in the mail, Cash in the mail. PayPal. Someone gave a dollar. Someone gave $300. A niece/daughter of a friend that I remember as a 2nd grader. People I know that despise jazz. All of you seem to have faith in what it is I do. 
Thanks so much.
Recent thank you's should include Gail, Heather (hi James!), Susan, Robin, Kevin, Steven, Stephen (bon marriage!!), Andy & LeAnne, Wally & Julie (love you two more than you know...Go FAC!!!), Marc, Steven & the folks at Creative Ventures, Emily (you so cute!!). 
I think I'm going to be able to cover pressing, studio time, and artwork with what we come up with. It's lazy so I haven't set a last day date yet. I'll say it's a few days before final artwork. Info as to how to join this crazy club follows:
Simple. Your Money. Your Name on the album, alphabetical, no matter how much $$ you donate Yeah totally Socialist Style. I make it avail for download to you free, mail it to you if you beg. $1. $1,000. I don't care. Your name or in someone's memory. 
Just me, guitar, vocals. Sweet, backgroundy listeningy kind of affair for making dinner to, sending e-mails, arranging desk papers, etc.
Do rubberscaleairlinerboy@gmail.com for Paypal.   
Write vance@vancegilbert.com for an address to shoot me a check. Or money when you see me.
~ Last Minute Holiday Party - Only like 1 Dec weekend date left.  Cheaper than you think. Come up with a cause you want to give to, name a price, we split it 50-50 or 60-40 if I have to travel, and the 50 or 40% goes to the charity of your choice. You get me playing your party, I get to play and make money, we both get to give a little something to some good cause. vance@vancegilbert.com for inquiries. 

Voice, Performance, Songwriting Coaching - I just took on an Internationally known vocalist-harpist for songwriting coaching!! Lookout! I'm big time now!! Still time for you too! In person or Skype or FaceTime if need be. vance@vancegilbert.com. About $75 for about an hour. Yeah, I'll give you plenty to do for your money…One time or steady students welcome. 
Saturday, 11/29 West Hartford, CT
The Sounding Board at The Universalist Church of West Hartford
433 Fern Street 
West Hartford, CT

THE Thanksgiving show for me for the past decade or more.  I love the hour and a half drive, the snacks are divine, the sound is perfect, and a mess of CT friends come out. Word is that a mess of people are planning to show, so it is going to be packed - you'll wanna get tickets early...
Friday 12/5 Blairstown NJ
Historic Blairstown Theatre
30 Main Street 
Blairstown, Nj  07825    
An evening with my best friend Ellis Paul. Need I say more?
Sat 12/6 Phoenixville, PA
Steel City Coffeehouse
Phoenixville, PA
This little independent music oasis is just that. Great sandwiches, salads, mac & cheese, French bread pizza. Exciting harp guitarist Dan LaVoie opens.
New blog here, plus more gigs further down the road...www.vancegilbert.com
You can see where else I'll be come the future too!
Here's a link to them Fugitive Rewinds - too much fun with the phone video recorder. Enjoy:
We are bigger than Ferguson. We are smaller than this Universe. What's it take to remind folks of that?


November 2014

Saturday, November 29th 8:00pm
The Sounding Board Coffeehouse
The Sounding Board Coffeehouse
West Hartford CT
Call 860-635-7685 for more details

December 2014

Friday, December 5th 8:00pm
Historic Blairstown Theatre
Historic Blairstown Theatre
Blairstown NJ
Call 908-362-1399 for more details

Saturday, December 6th 8:30pm
Steel City Coffeehouse
Steel City Coffeehouse
Phoenixville PA
Call 610-933-4043      for more details

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