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Last Chance for the Fundraiser, Concert Window, and Yonkers, NY

WLF ... Part One -

So, I am about done with liner notes, and really, today should be the last day to donate to the World's Laziest Fundraiser for the album Jazz Standerdz (or maybe it'll be called Stereophonick, jury is still out..), but I'll tell you what, latecomer - until art director Jane Hallman says "the door is closed, I'm going to press" I'll leave it open for you to give and get your name in. That means a few more days, as she has pictures and such today. So remember - any money, I don't care: Paypal to, same address to find out this office address = your name alphabetical on the CD and a CD only if you ask me and send an address. I told you it was lazy..

WLF ... Part Two -

Below is also how you Associate Producers will be listed on the back cover of he CD. Find yourself and let me know of any last minute tweaks to how you are listed. Write me at

WLF ... Part Three -

Many Associate Producers want CDs. That's fine. Many will wait and buy them when they see me. Fine too. If you want me to mail you a CD, please send me your address to, yep,, because sometimes it doesn't show up on PayPal or I lost your envelope with the return address on it. This way they're all in one place, and I can have a big old envelope stuffing party with reruns of Modern Family in the background. So just because you think you sent it to me before - send it again, will you? Thanks.


All you Associate Producers who supported this project via the WLF (World's Laziest Fundraiser). Your faith in me and what I do never ceases to amaze me:

Dalis Allen, Dana Barunas, Todd Batson, Jeff Bernstein, Tim & Lori Blixt, Thomas Boak III, Joe Bonsall, Terry Bracy, George Bredehoft & Shorty's Basement, Bill Brower, Diedre Brown, Betsy Burnham, Debbie Callaghan, In Memory of Barbara Campbell, Luis Cancel, David Carey, Mary Carey, Pamela Carson, Christina Carroll, Charlie & Aubrey, Quintin Chatman, Karen Chickering, Michele Chinsky, In Memory of Mike Connelly, Joe & Lisa Moncevicz & Savannah & Sierra & Winnie Curro, Susan Delaney, Caryl Diengott, Karen Duda, Stephen & Rosette Casse Dunn, The Erb Fennelly Family, Peg Espinola, Betty Farbman & Jeff Nathan, Walt & Julie Farrell, Emily Fritz-Endres, Theresa Georgia, In Memory Of Artie Gielow, Juanita & Seth & June & The Goulart Family, Gail Gramarossa, Robert Gramann, Joe Haldeman, Steven Harvill & Creative Ventures, Joan Hebb, Sarah Heile, Michael Heinrich In Memory Of Rocky Russo, Heather Hiskey & Blue, Tyler & Ashley's Honeymoon, Lawrence Humphries, Steven Hurowitz, Jeff Jarmel, Steven Jones, Andrew Jordan, Rebecca Kalb, Janet Kaplan, Barry & Genna Kasindorf, Clara M. Keegan, Grant Keeney, Nancy Kellner, Bruce Kidd, Carl Knobloch, Susan Krauss, Diane Lehman, Jean Leigh, Kevin & Mei Leslie, Paula & David Long, Bruce Love, Theresa Marsik, Gail Martin, Ross Mayo & Wendy Shadeck, Mitchell McGee, Mary McGrath, Michele McTernan, David Miller, Grady E Moates II, Nancy Morey, Allan Moulding, Vic & Tena Nippert, Fred Orlansky, Suzanne Paschall, Brian Quinn, Ian Rafalak, Rentbeep.Com LLC, Jeremy & Shannon Reynolds, Martyn Richey, Risky Disc:Pat & Ellen, Fred Roses, Donald Semmens, Marc Schauber, Karen Schneiderman & Ed Wagner, Steven Schulteis, June Schwartz, Anne Sereg, Andy Shuford & Jeff Prescott, Jeremy Simon, Randy Simon, Andy & Leanne Smith, Christina Smith, Janice Smola, Robin Spaziani & Michael Healey, Kim Steele, John Stegner-Smith, Jon Svetky & Family, Joy Thiessen, Christina Thompson, Tom & Carol Timmons, Phil Traynor & Tribe, Stephen & Carrie Walasavage, Joni Wallack & Doug Nagel, Ed Waterhouse In Chattanooga, Rich Weber & St. D., Christine Williams, The Williamson Family, Zack Zebrowski, Sharon Zeck"



Friday 3/20, Bethlehem PA
Foy Hall - Benefit For Godfrey Daniels - Vance Gilbert & Ellis Paul
99 W Church Street
Bethlehem, PA

Join Godfrey Daniel's as a member. That's the only way into this show... The web address is above.


8:00 pm
Pay whatever you want. Request stuff. I promise to be in full voice for this one, throw in a few of these Jazz Standards, and I'll make sure Roscoe is on the bed behind me (folks love when he's in here…)


Friday 3/27, New London CT
Friday Night Folk at All Souls
19 Jay Street
New London, CT

I went to college up the street from here. I'll be live on WCNI this coming Monday morning running my mouth about this show. Come see what I might be talking about (that's weird….just come to the show…)


******** Saturday 3/28, Yonkers NY  JUST ADDED********
Schauber House Concerts
92 Main Street, Apt. 201
Yonkers, NY
914-207-1122 or 914-772-1175

We were all worried that this show wouldn't sell. Now we're worried about enough space!!


Sunday 3/29 Phoenicia, NY
Flying Cat Music - Empire State Railway Museum
70 Lower High Street
Phoenicia, NY

It has as its address "Lower High Street". Seriously? I love this little place!!


Other Shows upcoming that you'll come to:

4/11 Philadelphia, PA - Tin Angel,
4/24 Easton, MD -  Avalon Theatre
4/25 Park Ridge, NJ - Acoustic Cafe
5/3 Cambridge MA - Club Passim

Fun quotes:

Said to me at a performance conference by a guy who worked like a "dog" with me:
"Even a battleship has to respond to the tiniest nudge. Even that is life-changing."

Another, for those with stage fright:
Fear is just excitement in need of attitude adjustment"


March 2015

Friday, March 20th 6:30pm
Ellis Paul and Vance Gilbert: Godfrey Daniels 5th Annual Membership Appreciation Concert and Party
Foy Hall
Bethlehem PA
Call 610-867-2390 for more details

Friday, March 27th 7:30pm
Friday Night Folk at All Souls
Friday Night Folk at All Souls
New London CT
Call 860-443-0316   for more details

Saturday, March 28th 8:00pm
Marc Schauber Residence
Marc Schauber Residence
Yonkers NY
Call 914-772-1175 for more details

Sunday, March 29th 7:30pm
Flying Cat Music
Flying Cat Music
Phoenicia NY
Call 845-688-7501 for more details

April 2015

Saturday, April 11th 7:00pm
The Tin Angel
The Tin Angel
Philadelphia PA
Call 215-928-0770 for more details

more events