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Vance Does NJ, VA, Your House (in PJs!), & Texas!!

Hi  VanceFans!!

You guys crack me up. People I'd never expect sending money. Y'all filling up places I play out of the blue.

World's Laziest Fundraiser (WLF) - First a shoutout to a few folks that sent $$ for the WLF (for my Solo Jazz Standards album; your money, any amt = your name alphabetical on the cover, for PayPal or to get an office address..) 
- Dalis, concert promoter and friend - so unexpected, thanks for your faith in me
- Betty & Jeffrey
- Michael H. - like you ever really have money? pfffft!! Thanks so much.

I'm sure I've missed someone. Is it you? Well, maybe you ain't sent nothin' yet?  ;-) No hurry, as I won't be starting artwork for another 2 weeks or so. OK, maybe hurry a little if you want your name on the CD…

I have about 5 - 7 of the tunes done. I sound great, I swear. 
OK, teaser, Thursday I record The Nearness Of You and I'm Beginning To See The Light

~ Last Saturday's Show - Now a shoutout to those that came to the Bull Run in Shirley last Saturday night. My thank you treatise can be read here:

~ Boxes of BaD Dogs - I am sore from stacking the third pressing of BaD Dog Buffet in the basement. Third pressing. Yeah, I give some away, but third pressing is pretty cool...

 SNHPs ( Short Notice House Parties - write ) 
are still available. Holler for details

~ Coaching -  I am still available for Skype or in person performance, voice, and songwriting coaching. Wednesdays, the main day for *school*  tend to be full, but there's occasionally a space or two. Thursdays are kinda open too. Write for info on that too..

Here's where I'm is at:

Friday, Jan 23 Morristown NJ
Minstrel Acoustic Concert Series - Morristown Unitarian Fellowship
21 Normandy Heights Road
Morristown, NJ

What are the chances of North Jersey folks coming out in droves enough to pack this place? Sound off and let me know - maybe I'll give away some CSs for folks who bring 4 or more other folks...It's a fun setting, waaaaay folky, and I adore it!!

Sunday, Jan 25 Hampton, VA
Harris Creek Acoustic 
2 Edinburgh Lane
Hampton, VA

Kelly's livingroom rocks. This show is about 3 seats from being sold out. Earlier afternoon show may be added if demand is high. I pray she doesn't have wings at the pot luck. I'm trying to be good…


Monday, Jan 26  8:30pm Your House via the WEB!
Vance Gilbert's First Official Concert Window Show Ever In His Pajamas

After a wild weekend of touring, I will settle in in front of my new Blue Snowball mic and deliver a show from right here in my office - in my pajamas. The plaid bottoms with the aviation sweatshirt top of my choice, and slippers. And my hair will be out.  Prizes awarded for the coolest snack if you write me during the show.

February's Texas Run

Friday Feb 6th Austin TX - - 
I love Paul!! You'll love this place!!

Saturday Feb 7th Austin TX -
I love these people!! You'll love this place!! (Dang, Austin can't get enough of me apparently..still waiting for Austin City Limits to call, however)

Sunday Feb 8th New Braunfels TX -
I love these….wait…I'm sure I do, but it seems that this 3 day jaunt makes me Mr Texas House Concert. It's a music store too! That counts as a house - don't it?

Thought for the day:

"Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind. 
"Pooh?" he whispered. 
"Yes, Piglet?" 
"Nothing," said Piglet, taking Pooh's hand. 
"I just wanted to be sure of you."
(my addition to this sweet conversation below)
"Let my hand go. I'm still mad on you for eatin' that last ginger cookie. Why you gotta be such a pig?"
"Well, duh! Genetics fool! I ain't all cuddly like you and Paddington and Teddy and that damn Koala from Quantas (I kick his eucalyptus eatin' ass…) I happen to *be* a pig..."
"Aiiight, man. Im just playin'. Let's get some more cookies and dunk them bicches in some …say holler…HUNNAY!!"
"Oh SNAP Pooh! You so cray-cray!! I'm all in!!"
"I luh you, Man"
"Me too, Bruh".
Adapted from The Urban Adventures of MC Pooh and The P-Lite, book to be released ??

It's a strange world out there. Love each other. Come see me, I can help with that for cheap, I swear!


January 2015

Friday, January 23rd 8:30pm
Minstrel Acoustic Concert Series
Minstrel Acoustic Concert Series - Morristown Unitarian Fellowship
Morristown NJ
Call 201-650-6928  for more details

Sunday, January 25th 7:00pm
Harris Creek Acoustic
Harris Creek Acoustic
Hampton VA
Call 757-850-1011  for more details

Monday, January 26th 8:30pm
Vance Gilbert's First Concert Window Show Ever
Vance Gilbert's First Concert Window Show Ever

February 2015

Friday, February 6th TBA
Barker House Concerts
Barker House Concerts
Austin TX
Call 512-327-7618 for more details

Saturday, February 7th 7:00pm
Sycamore Creek Concerts
Sycamore Creek Concerts
Dripping Springs TX
Call 512-858-4963      for more details

Sunday, February 8th 5:00pm
NB House Concerts - Music Store
NB House Concerts - Music Store
New Braunfels TX
Call 210-617-3765 for more details

more events