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A Message From Vance Gilbert

Hi Everyone!
It's me, Vance Gilbert. 
I got your e-mail form the NERFA guide that we all ended up with in that little black backpack.
I'm writing to ask - is it is ok to add you to my mailing list? I swear, I won't bother you more than twice a month or so, and even at that the mailers will be informative, fun, and less frequent than the ones you already get for Reversing Tinnitus or the Genie Zip Bra.
If you say YES or don't respond, I'll just add you in a week or so.
If you'd prefer not to be part of my scurrilous list, just type back Please Remove in the subject line and I promise to do that without being cranky or thin-skinned.
Thanks for considering being on my list, for all you do in this Acoustic music scene, and Yay Acoustic Music,
Vance Gilbert