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NEWZ FLASHE: Vance Does Cool Things This Summer...Come See Him Do Them

Hi VanceFan!!
You know me. I don’t tend to use this list as goodnewzy what’s Vance doing thing, but here you go - this stuff was too good to not share

This last 3 weeks…
- I flew models with my Flying Aces Club
Now, those that know me know I almost never mix my vocation and avocations (save for always wearing an aviation shirt or tie onstage…) but we Flying Aces Folks (some women too!) build and fly realistic replicas of real planes powered by rubberbands that will fly a minute plus!! It’s a sport/art/hobby/engineering endeavor with its roots in the ’30’s but updated so that the planes look real and often fly for minutes at a time - even occasionally fly away!! A week of bliss with folks I’ve known for 33 years. You and your kids can get involved in this great cross of nostalgia and modern science too - yes there are some rubber powered jets right next to Piper Cubs - just google Flying Aces Club, or see these:
Pardon my evangelism, but I do music to support *this*….


- Home for 12 hours then I was off to Telluride to sing, record, and spontaneously write with Rock Star Mike Posner and a 10 - 14 man cadre of unbelievable musicians including GRiZ, Matthew Schuyler from The Voice (top 6 2014), Lettuce & Chaka Khan’s bassist - the list is insane and too long to continue to name drop but there’s a monster chance that Unfamiliar Moon, Pie & Whiskey, and about 3-4 other co-writes will make it to Mike’s new album. Tears as the group broke up after a week, but forever friendships. And maybe finally some industry props for Unfamiliar Moon - we all know it just has to have legs for someone (oh please oh please oh please - no more minivan payments...)

- Another 12 hours home and then The Most Unbelievable Week of Teaching Performance and Songwriting for me in My Forever at The Swannanoa Gathering, Swannanoa NC. Yes, ever. I learned much about everything putting these terrific folks of all musical levels and capabilities through their paces. Willing, sharing, brilliant bunch of people I had in each class. Thanks for your willingness and huge hearts.

Plus, after a poor blood sugar diagnosis about 6 weeks back I’ve managed to lose 18 lbs in the meantime. Good God I’m pretty!!

I’m exhausted and still buzzing. Models and Music and Teaching…oh my.

There. I shared. Please feel free to bask with me in three of the best weeks of my life… are you basking? ..ok...good..xovg


Now I’ll try to convince you to come to a handful of shows this week:

Thurs 8/10 & Fri 8/11 With Southside Johnny Salisbury MA

Saturday 8/12 With Johnny again!! Truro MA

Friday 8/18 My solo set at the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival, Lyons CO 5:30

Plus some later month shows with:

Christine Lavin 8/25 Towne Crier, Beacon NY

and Ellis Paul 8/26 Fulton, MD

After that, check out this songwriting retreat and concert with Ellis Paul:

Friday, September 1, 2017 at 8 pm
Ellis Paul’s NESR Staff Concert!
The Guest House Retreat Center
318 West Main Street, Chester, CT 06412
Price: $25 in advance/$30 at the door
Doors: Open at 7:30 pm
Seating: Limited to 100
A special one-time event FEATURING SIX MEMBERS OF THE 2017 NESR STAFF: Ellis Paul, Dan Bern, Abbie Gardner, Vance Gilbert, Laurie MacAllister, and George Wurzbach.

For more info, visit the NESR website:

Coaching, Private Parties, available (I NEVER spell that word right..)

I’ll see you out there. Thanks for reading, listening, coming to shows, and just thanks xovg