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Vance is in Boston Area Striking Distance This Saturday!!

Hi VanceFanFriends,

I’m here:

This Saturday, Mar 30th
Steeple Coffeehouse
Southborough, MA 508-281-9995


Here’s a few things of note from my last two Midwest trips:

~ The whole “can I see you credit card?” thing at the hotel even if the room is held with your credit card. You have the credit card. You can charge the credit card if I don’t show up for the room. But you need to see the credit card when I do show up for the room. So, in essence, you can do everything with my credit card you need to do to charge for the room *except for when I show up for the room*. I present my license as ID, but the conversation can go like this:

(H) …...“Form of ID, please”


(H) ….“Credit card to use to pay for the room”

(me)…..“You have that already”

(H) ….. “Oh no, sir - that’s just to hold the room…”

(me) …..“OK, so if I didn’t show for this room you could charge the card the room is held with?”

(H) ….. “Yes”.

(me)….. “So you have the card already, like I said”

(H)…... “Yes. But that’s just to hold the room...”

(me) …..(Sighs. Takes out credit card)

~ Don’t get me started on the "optional” purchase of an toll transponder at a rental car company located in an area in which to drive further than 20 miles away in any direction requires a toll transponder…

~ I swung through Milwaukee and went to a Polish restaurant for Sunday brunch. There was an accordionist, the owner came out and sang Happy Birthday in Polish 3 times to different parties, and the waiter, Thad, who is working on his doctorate in literature, tells me that yes, Poland can be racist outside of the city and Islamophobic all around. But as he put it, “..then again, drive 50 miles northwest of here you’ll find about the same thing…”


I really want to go, as Polish aircraft between World Wars 1 & 2 is such a historical setting of interest for me, and there’s a few museums I want to see and more food I want to eat. Donna Joecken Weber tell your husband the aviation-dream-boy long-weekend is back on..

~ All the shows, CSPS in Cedar Rapids, WFMT in Chicago, and the Wallner family house concert like 10 years ago were either sold out or really well attended, I sang great, but it was meeting a woman named Ethel Polk at the WFMT show that knocked me out. She’s an ex-labor organizer, affiliated closely with the Reuther’s brothers - founders of UAW - and is as fun and as sharp as a tack, and I mean engaged with a capital E - with humility, nuance, presence, humor.
OK, before you lambast me for dogwhistle ageist cutesy talk, note that I was getting invited to her birthday party in May. She will be 102. She *hates* the new-fangled contraption she must use - her walker - and she thinks I hung the moon. That is mutual. I’m trying to finagle some scheduling so that I can come to this party. Truth, the party is ok, but I’d surely like 45 minutes with her one-on-one. I have a million questions..

~ Exhausted once home on Monday, I bucked up enough to go to dinner at my friend David’s house. I ate like a king, listened to him flatpick beautifully, and we sang or listened to stuff ranging from Hazel Dickens to Duke Ellington. OMG I’m so well-rounded I can’t stand me.

~ Minneapolis with Paul Reiser this past Saturday was a total gas. He’s funny as hell, and the audience didn’t even seem to mind that he did try to kill Ripley in Aliens. We got to hang out a bit, and I know the story on a few things he is and isn’t appearing in this year coming, so don’t ask me about Stranger Things because I know the answer but I can’t say.

~ That said, thanks to where I stood in my hotel room looking out of my window at a Minneapolis car dealership, this sign….I guess perspective is everything. What kind of energy efficient cars are these, anyway? Man, I laughed myself to sleep. for more info on everything from coaching and other shows to donating to the new album fund, USB junction glazing and polishing, live guitar for reptile and amphibian egg-laying, and soup recipes.

xo everyone