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Vance’sAcousticPajamaParty #184 - A NITE OF QUIET TUNES


When: Monday 7:30PM ET- 11/27


WHO GETS 10%-plus - New England Center and Home for Veterans serves Veterans who are at-risk of homelessness with innovative services that enable success, meaningful employment, and dignified independent living.

Order the CD or pay for this web groovery via: or or
VanceFunder P.O. Box 17, Arlington, MA 02476.

Pay what you like, above $10 appreciated

LAST GIG OF THE YEAR (wassup with my agent?)--

Sat, Dec 2, 2023
Bluebird Cafe
Nashville, TN
This show WILL SELL OUT (I feel special for a mint, truth is all Bluebird shows sell out, so…)



~ 11/18 Oxford, NY

...was a typical non-typical Vance Gilbert Show. Things were going along like they do until I put my water bottle on the piano, where I said, “Be glad I don’t play *that* thing”.

“Coward!”, shouted a lady in the back.

The house ooohed and hissed.

“Oh lady no... you... dihhint”

I sat. I dragged the mic down to my face. I laid out the song I know, Eddy Arnold’s “You Don’t Know Me”. A friend told me that it was the most raw, real piece they’d ever heard me do. Who knew?

~ 11/19 Shirley, MA

….I did the night with drummer Marco Giovino added on a whim, and we crushed the evening. He played shells, a broom, some bells, a teddy bear, oh and the rest of his prepared drums and made even the balladiest ballads seem fuller without being in the way. Genius.

Post show there was a tall thin man and his wife looking to chat. I spied his hat which said he was not only a veteran, but it had “KC- 135 Crew”.

You know me. I thank him for his service, told him I knew that the 135 was the tanker version of the Boeing 707. He lit up, realizing he was in the presence of the most amateur but voracious and appreciative of aviation historians. While his wife hit the ladie’s room, he related to me that he was crewman on a tanker in Vietnam that could fly non-stop from the US West coast to Vietnam.

I asked “if you did have to stop, where would you set down?”

“Hawaii”, he replied.

Then came a story of how one time it took 6 tries to get off of the shorter Oahu runways when fully fuel loaded, thanks to the water injector (they shoot water in the jet engines - it concentrates fuel for brief boosts of power) this time the injector somehow ending up with a loose rag in the works.

As he spoke to someone else, I thanked his wife for letting him tell a story she’s probably heard him tell a ton of times. She smiled warmly but warily, and said, “Only thing about him telling stories is that he’ll have nightmares tonite...” I thanked her again. That’s all I had.

War. Music. Piano. Service. Connection. Long, lovely drives. Talk about Thanksgiving. How blessed am I to do what I do?

Oh and P.S. - Friday Of Color, I’ll thank you.