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VanceFunder Newsletter #1!

Hi VanceFunder!!
Hey, thanks to a Stupid Man Timing Thing (SMTT) right here at my dest and computer, it seems like the VanceFunder Perks Mailer (VFPM) is going out after the General Fan Mailer (GFM), and some Funders were wondering "Hey? What perks? (HWP?)
Sorry. Can't says I blame you. My fault entirely. Me, advertising stuff I don't have available yet. On the web no less. Why, I'm a living cross between the airlines and the Health Care Website.
So, here, finally, is your VanceFunder Mailer (VFPM).
(Did I snow you with acronyms? Dang!)


Here's the first of your Special Funders-Only updates. There will be all kinds of goodies and stories here. Just my way of thanking you.

Bookkeeping -  We are at just about 10,000 dollars so far!!I That's about 1/3 the way there. Thanking you just doesn't cover it. But I think a little transparency might be just what is appropriate about now...may I?:

  1. downloaded the money given so far into a separate account so that I can keep better track for accounting purposes. 
  2. I also just payed myself back a bit so that I can cover my day-to-day personal, I am not organized enough to have a separate account for music biz. The way I see it, I'm kinda music 24 -7
  3. You gave me money for my next album. Wow. I love you for that

Seth & Biff - I am about to hire two big promotional people for 4 months into the release of tis album. One is Seth Cohen, who comes to me by way of Seth Glier (thanks, buddy...) He is noted for having put Tom Joad and The Streets Of Philadelphia on the publicity map for Bruce Springsteen. The other is a world-known radio promoter Biff Kennedy. Once Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer's manager, he has gotten airplay on so many stations for so many people that it kinda boggles the mind. 

Now you see why I am having this VanceFunder?

Kevin Barry Video - Here's a little vid of Kevin working out on God Bless Everyone 

Darol Anger Video - Here's one of Darol laying down some genius on For Evelyne

Áine Minogue story - So I'd been in touch with the great Celtic singer/harpist Áine Minoge on Facebook, because we live up the street from each other. We got on email and joked about a jazz/funk/Celtic album. Well, I have been recording parts of this album locally, and I mean *locally*, some of the tracks being done at Larry Luddecke's ( studio - you guessed it - right up the street from me. So I got this crazy idea…I pulled up her site ( and heard that fragile, crystal-beautiful voice and decided I wanted it on my album.

So we set a date. Me and the studio. Me and Áine. I send out the email introducing her and Larry. Good boy, Vance. Facilitating musical relationships in your own town. Crossing genres. You rounded fellow, you. Email to Áine for Thursday at noon at the studio. Email for Larry for Thursday at noon at the studio.  Pasted in proudly Friday at noon in my calendar.

Thursday at 2pm I get a call From Larry....

"Where are you?"

"Home getting ready to take out my dogs. Where are you?" (I ask with comedic incredulity)

"Áine just left.."

I am now scrambling to open my email and calendar and talk on the phone and prepare an unhappy toned "Well, how did that happen?", or an apology. The email opens. It's the latter.

"Well, we got some great stuff..."

Thanks Larry. Indeed they did. Check out this snippet of "For Evelyne". LINK Never a more haunting voice I've ever heard. 

They recorded for 2 hours, and I didn't get to even be there. Still haven't met Áine in person. She said that there were some kind of Irish cookies involved in the session, but I never saw them, but a day later. Thanks Larry. I'll take her to Chinese food around the corner. Maybe there'll be more cookies..

Why you see nothing yet - Remember, premiums and pre-release CDs and such will go out near the top of January

Ideas? - Hey, you have ideas as to how to make this VanceFunder a little more public? You know someone that might be interested? Even further down the line...once we have it (and you'll have it early, remember?), do you know someone that could lay the album into the hands of…someone? 

TV, movies, whatever your fancy. I'll even send you an extra copy or two if you think it'll go to someone that might help me along, and get a song in Scandal, or Elementary or The Walking Dead or Iron Man 5... 

Thanks again, VanceFunder...

(Did+I+snow+you+with+acronyms?+Dang!)= -------------
He= re's+the+first+of+your+Special+Funders-Only+updates=2E+There+will= +be+all+kinds+of+goodies+and+stories+here=2E+Just+my+way+of+thanking+y= ou=2E

Bookkeeping - +We+are+at+just+about+10,000+dolla= rs+so+far!!I+That's+about+1/3+the+way+there=2E+Thanking+you+just+=20= doesn't+cover+it=2E+But+I+think+a+little+transparency+might+be+ju= st+what+is+appropriate+about+now=2E=2E=2Emay+I?:

  • downloaded+the+money+given+=20= so+far+into+a+separate+account+so+that+I+can+keep+better+track+for+acc= ounting+purposes=2E
  • I+also+just+payed+myself+bac= k+a+bit+so+that+I+can+cover+my+day-to-day+personal+bills=2E=2E=2Eno,+I= +am+not+organized+enough+to+have+a+separate+account+for+music+biz=2E+T= he+way+I+see+it,+I'm+kinda+music+24+-7
  • You+gave+m= e+money+for+my+next+album=2E+Wow=2E+I+love+you+for+that
  • Seth+&+Biff&n= bsp;-+I+am+about+to+hire+two+big+promotional+people+for+4+mo= nths+into+the+release+of+tis+album=2E+One+is+Seth+Cohen,+who+comes+to+=20= me+by+way+of+Seth+Glier+(thanks,+buddy=2E=2E=2E)+He+is+noted+for+havin= g+put+Tom+Joad+and+The+Streets+Of+Philadelphia+on+the+publicity+map+fo= r+Bruce+Springsteen=2E+The+other+is+a+world-known+radio+promoter+Biff+=20= Kennedy=2E+Once+Dave+Carter+and+Tracy+Grammer's+manager,+he+has+g= otten+airplay+on+so+many+stations+for+so+many+people+that+it+kinda+bog= gles+the+mind=2E


    Kevin+Barry+Vid= eo -+Here'= ;s+a+little+vid+of+Kevin+working+out+on+God+Bless+Everyone

    Darol+Anger+Video -+Here's+one+of+Darol+laying+down+some+genius+on+For= +Evelyne=2E

    Áine+Minogue+story -+So+I'd+been+in+touch+with+the+great+Celtic+singer/= harpist+Áine+Minoge+on+Facebook,+because+we+live+up+the+street+from+each+other= =2E+We+got+on+email+and+joked+about+a+jazz/funk/Celtic+album=2E W= ell,+I+have+been+recording+parts+of+this+album+locally,+and+I+mean+*lo= cally*,+some+of+the+tracks+being+done+at+Larry+Luddecke's+(http:/= /www=2Eswordfishclub=2Ecom)+studio+-+you+guessed+it+-+right= +up+the+street+from+me=2E+So+I+got+this+crazy+idea…I+pul= led+up+her+site+(http://www=2Eminogue=2Ecom/index=2Ephp)+and+heard+that+fragile,+crystal-beautiful+voice+and+decided+I+wante= d+it+on+my+album=2E

    So+we+set+a+date=2E+Me+and+the+studio=2E+Me+and+= Áine=2E+I+send+out+the+email+introdu= cing+her+and+Larry=2E+Good+boy,+Vance=2E+Facilitating+musical+relation= ships+in+your+own+town=2E+Crossing+genres=2E+You+rounded+fellow,+you=2E= +Email+to+Áine= +for+Thursday+at+noon+at+the+studio= =2E+Email+for+Larry+for+Thursday+at+noon+a= t+the+studio=2E Pasted+in+proudly+Frid= ay+at+noon+in+my+calendar=2E


    "Where+are+you?""Ho= me+getting+ready+to+take+out+my+dogs=2E+Where+are+you?"+(I+ask+with+co= medic+incredulity)"Áine= +just+left=2E=2E"I+am+now+scrambling+to+open+my+email+and+calendar+and+talk+on+the+ph= one+and+prepare+an+unhappy+toned+"Well,+how+did+that+happen?",+or+an+a= pology=2E+The+email+opens=2E+It's+the+latter=2E"Well,+we+got+some+great+stuff=2E=2E=2E"Thanks+L= arry=2E Indeed+they+did=2E+Check+out+this+snippet+of+"For+Evelyne= "=2E+LINK+Never+a+more+haunting+voice= +I've+ever+heard=2E They+recorded+for+2+=20= hours,+and+I+didn't+get+to+even+be+there=2E+Still+haven't+me= t+Áine+i= n+person=2E+She+said+that+there+were+some+kind+of+Irish+cookies+involv= ed+in+the+session,+but+I+never+saw+them,+but+a+day+later=2E+Thanks+Lar= ry=2E+I'll+take+her+to+Chinese+food+around+the+corner=2E+Maybe+th= ere'll+be+more+cookies=2E=2EWhy+you+s= ee+nothing+yet - Remember,+premiums+and+pre= -release+CDs+and+such+will+go+out+near+the+top+of+January

    Ideas?+- <= /strong>Hey,+you+have+ideas+as+to+how+to+make+this+VanceFunder+a+littl= e+more+public?+You+know+someone+that+might+be+interested?+Even+further= +down+the+line=2E=2E=2Eonce+we+have+it+(and you'll+h= ave+it+early,+remember?),+do+you+know+someone+that+could+lay+the+album= +into+the+hands+of…someone?

    TV,+movies,+whatever+your+fancy=2E+I= 9;ll+even+send+you+an+extra+copy+or+two+if+you+think+it'll+go+to+=20= someone+that+might+help+me+along,+and+get+a+song+in+Scandal,+=20= or+Elementary+or+The+Walking+Dead+or+Iron+Man+5<= /em>=2E=2E=2E

    Thanks+again,+VanceFunder=2E=2E=2Exowww=2Evancegilbert= =2Ecom

    = --