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VanceFunder Update #2

Hi VanceFunders!

Here's your second Special Funders-Only update.

Bookkeeping -  We are at just about 12,000 dollars so far!!I That's about 1/3 the way there. Almost half way. Thanks again. Personally, I'm loving explaining "patronage and funding" to skeptical newbies and their like. I'm getting better at it as i go. Thanks again for yours.

Radio and Publicity - I'm still working on the publicity part. Ginny Shea, a wickedly able lady, looks like she might be at the helm of that aspect of it, while Biff Kennedy will do the radio portion. I'm looking at being in good shape when it comes to being heard

Kevin Barry Video - I'm leaving this up for the new funders... Here's a little vid of Kevin working out on God Bless Everyone

Darol Anger Video - This one stays up too...Here's one of Darol laying down some genius on For Evelyne.

Holiday Employment - This song is a riot. Here it is for you here as a free download - a special holiday present for you. In fact, oh, what the hell, here are the lyrics:


vance gilbert 2012

I apologize for the portrait
Of your founder by the door
Seems I hooked it with an antler
Sent it crashing to the floor
Not the greatest first impression
I'm the first one to admit
I'm just thrilled to cross the highway
To your office without getting hit

I'll do most anything you come up with
Save for working on a roof
I get flashbacks from a job long ago
Still sends shivers up my hoof


   I seek holiday employment
   I got mouths to feed and times are hard
   I need a steady paycheck
   Till the lines go down at Macy's
   Then it's south, I got a cousin
   With an Airstream in his yard

Am I married, divorced, or dating?
No, I got no current flame
And I'm just not into the bar scene
Playing all them reindeer games

I was hot on a doe named Olive once
Guess she didn't feel the same
Olive the lovely reindeer
Used to laugh and call me names

Please don't call her as a reference
Here, lemme cross that out real quick
Ring that other number on my resume
Make sure you ask for Old St. Nick


My nose is just a little red
Yes I guess I've had a few
I didn't expect your call today
Much less this interview
But I'm headin to a meeting
At the church at 6th and Vine
This time I'll stay the course
Of course it's one day at a time

That glow's a dead-sure giveaway
That I've fallen off the track
But once upon a Christmas eve
It helped find my way back


Hey!! I haven't gotten anything?? - Remember, premiums and pre-release CDs and such will go out near the top of January

Ideas? - I'm open to all kinds of ideas to spread the word...

Thanks again, VanceFunder...