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VanceFunder Premiums...Waddya Want?...Zero in...Coming Soon...

Hi VanceFunder Folks,
I am about a week and a half from closing down the major portion of the VanceFunder. And I remain in utter disbelief in your faith in me.
I am about to start fulfilling the premiums. This oughta be a fun couple of days - TV blaring (except for when I am recording stuff), paper cuts, lots of packing tape, envelopes, my office in tatters...
Alas, to fulfill your orders, there's stuff I need to know, as PayPal didn't really document what of what you wanted in most cases, so I have to ask straight up here.
If you donated at the level of:
1) Bring Somebody - 2 tickets to a Show - $50 donation or
2) Bring a Mess of Folks - 4 tickets to a show - $75 donation
that'd be you, Karen A, Petie BG, Deidre , Karen C, Nelson, Deb C, Rosy C, Jeremy D, Frank D, Larry E, Tara E, Jean R, Charles R, Kim S, Randy S (I haven't listened yet...I will, promise), Mary T, Karl W, Tracy Y, Scott W (see you Thursday?) here, take my email:
Contact me within like when I'm somewhere where you want to see me. Private shows may not be available for you to come to. 
3) Here Lemme Write That Out - Handwritten Lyrics - $100
This is for you, Mr. Livers, David B, Susan G, Anne S, Robert & Traci, Matt S, Jade T, David W (I have yours) and Amy W, I know, I know...some of you have mentioned to me in passing at a show what you want written, some in this or that e-mail, some have not, so here's the formal request. I have a ream of nice 25lb paper, and a couple of nice pens. I'll even write in a favorite color if you like. Or in fountain pen, as I just bought a cool one. Your choice.
Again, will make it so it gets done!
4) Song Lyrics From the Notebook Tier 1 - $100
5) Song Lyrics From the Notebook Tier 2 - $275
Michele, Chip, Kathy G, Susan S, - gimmie your first and second choices for songs, as we do have a couple double bids at these levels!
Ok, and if I missed you, and you fit one of the above categories, lemme know. If you have a "one of" kinda thing like model planes, shoes, or a iPod Nano loaded with Vance music, etc, then just hold your horses, as It's on its way soon.
Get back to me, y'all. and thanks.