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Vance's Solo Jazz Project, "Nearness Of You", to press, Philly, Cambridge, and a few surprises.

Hi VanceFans!!

Well thanks to you, I can probably push this little album to radio and maybe the press. I wasn't gonna, mostly because it is a "little" bare affair, hand-distributed for fans only. But your donations to the World's Laziest Fundraiser and what a few trusted folks think of what I have here has convinced me that it's worth the push.

Thanking you doesn't begin. But Thank You. I hope I spelled your names right (I'm sure I've screwed something up - I'll make it up to you on the next one…)

They'll be up on the website in less than a fortnight; iTunes, CD Baby, etc soon to follow.

I'll have them in my hands in about 15+ days - just in time for a little press and for what I guess I'd better start calling my Album Release Show at Club Passim May 3rd. I might have them in time for the Philly Tin Angel show, but that's a we'll see...

Saturday 4/11  Philadelphia, PA -
Tin Angel
20 South Second Street (Between Chestnut & Market)
Philadelphia, PA

Get tickets to this show with moderate haste, as I have been nearly selling out here as of recent. Folks from high school, college, relatives, all kinds of people come. You can too!


Friday, 4/24 Easton, MD -
Avalon Theatre
40 East Dover Street
Easton , MD
There's this intimate little room upstairs there called the Stoltz Listening Room, and it's simply delightful. This'll be my- what... 4th or 6th time playing?? It's like a little home, I've had cousins come see me here!! It'l fill up.


Saturday, 4/25  Park Ridge, NJ -
Acoustic Cafe
Our Lady of Mercy Academy
25 Fremont Road
Park Ridge, NJ
My guest will be my incredible coaching client Annika Scilipote. Yes, you'll love what I do, you always do, but she's a baby John Mayer/Shawn Colvin/Patty Griffin. You have to hear this kid. 17! Click the Youtube below and see what I'm talking about.


Sunday, 4/26 Evanston IL****JUST ADDED****
1245 Chicago Avenue
Evanston, IL 60202
So I was texting with old friends Tuck & Patti last week and on a whim I said "Mom, Dad, (snicker) lemme open the Chicago shows for you just so I can see you guys…" They're so literal. I haven't worked with them for over 20 years. I'm glad to be back


Monday, 4/27  ****UNCONFIRMED****
The Promontory
5311 South Lake Park Ave West,
Chicago, Illinois

…So Tuck and Patti say, "Come do this one too…!!" At press time, we weren't sure if it'd work, but check back.


SUNDAY, 5/3  Cambridge MA -
Club Passim
47 Palmer Street
Cambridge, MA

ALBUM RELEASE SHOW, KINDA. I'll have the new album Nearness Of You there. Come get you one. Tix go briskly for this show - we might add an informal second show-ish "Hang With Vance" kinda thing where I play and talk from the stage's edge, or an actual second show…we'll see how quickly show #1 fills up (it will…)


If you missed it, I posted this on Facebook last week:

There's a necessary arrogance in self promotion. Working artists survive on it. And we are often blue at our lack of exposure, low income, increased irrelevance, age. We question our art existence. We quietly seethe and rail at others that seems to be making great headway having far less in their quiver than we do. We turn on the radio or tvs or open our desktop and we are awash with competition for our talent, the listeners time.
So I'm sitting in this buffet Chinese place in New London CT before my show this evening, about to write my agent a long letter emphasizing my need for more high profile work, and for giggles I Shazam the Chinese Pop music overhead.
Stupid arrogant ass. Of course it came up. The production is actually great, the voices in tune, emotional. Duh.
Everyone is trying to get their musical legacy into someone's ears. Just like me.
Get some more garlic green beans, your head outta the muddy, and to soundcheck in time to do what thousands of others wish they could.
Damn right. I got stories to tell.
Shay-Shay Panda Buffet for the reality check.


April 2015

Saturday, April 11th 7:00pm
The Tin Angel
The Tin Angel
Philadelphia PA
Call 215-928-0770 for more details

Friday, April 24th 8:00pm
Stoltz at the Avalon Theatre
Stoltz at the Avalon Theatre
Easton MD
Call 410-822-0345  for more details

Saturday, April 25th 8:00pm
Acoustic Cafe
Acoustic Cafe
Park Ridge NJ
Call 201-573-0718 for more details

May 2015

Sunday, May 3rd 7:30pm
Club Passim
Club Passim
Cambridge MA
Call 617-492-5300 for more details

Sunday, May 3rd 5:00pm
Club Passim
Club Passim
Cambridge MA
Call 617-492-5300 for more details

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