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Vance's Birthday Stuff, Album $$ Begging Stuff, Shows and Stuff.


- I love my birthday. 10/11. Milestone. I’ll be 60. And I’m still hot. Fingers crossed that I don’t spend my birthday at home, as I’m potentially slated to open for Aaron Neville at SPACE in Chicago for what are already 2 sold-out shows. Potentially.

- I still want your money for the new album. I’m 30% there. Briefly here’s how that goes:

~ Tier 1 folks = Any amount gets your name on the album
~ Tier 2 folks = $1000 and up are executive producers, thanks Carol, Dan, Susan. Name in BIG FONT
~ Tier 3 folks = $10K or negotiable, and I do the cover song of your choice, any song, on the album
~ PayPal is
~ Checks made out to me to:
Vancefunder/ Vance Gilbert
P.O. Box 17 Arlington, MA 02474
More details at

~ Album guests appearances? I have YES from, Mike Posner, Chris Smither, Tommy Malone (subdudes), Abbie Gardner, her dad Herb Gardner...oh yes, you’ll want to be part of this. Who else should I ask? Thanks for some money.

- Here’s where I’m playing:
10/5 Peekskill, NY
opening for Paul Reiser!!
10/6 Lowell, MA
10/7 Litchfield, CT
10/13 Hinsdale, IL UUC of Hinsdale
10/18 Charlotte, NC
10/19 Bluffton, SC
10/20 Bolivia, NC Brunswick CC,
10/26 Dallas, TX
10/27 Oklahoma City, OK
10/28 Tulsa, OK

- Ellis Paul and I just did Stone Mountain Arts Center in Brownfield ME this past Friday. Carol Noonan, herself the musically monstrous reincarnation strange baby of Natalie Merchant, Sandy Denny, and Maddie Pryor, and her awesome husband Jeff own this place. Having been a touring musician herself, therefore knowing what touring musicians need and love, when I say this place is done perfectly I kid not for a second:
~ Whatever you want for dinner - no “employee meal” list.
~ Takes 0% of CD sales, and they sell.
~ Oh and the dinner….my God. And the to-go box of what I didn’t finish…My GOD…
~ Extra strings and music stuff.
~ Staffed by Gods and Goddesses
~ Great pay.
~ Home-made pizza for you at the end of the night to eat there or take with you.
~ Sound by Pat that makes you just sing even more betterer.
~ Audiences that know how great the place is to community, patron, and musician alike
~ And they make money

Cool if they could bake a cake with your name on it to round it off hahahaha….

~ Oh ..Yes. Yes, there is always a cake with the artist’s name on it.
Thanks Carol, Jeff, Nicholas Bloom, staff. You are how it is done. I needed that treatment as much as folks seemed to like the music. Thanks.

Cleaning out big today. Tossing stuff mercilessly, all cassettes and many CDs. Hey, It’s time. But this cassette started it all for me. I was a frequent, half-serious open mic participant in the Boston area. I was invited by another musician friend to see “this singer who’s really pretty good, and the place has great fries..”. It was the Old Vienna Kaffeehause in Westborough, MA. He lent me the tape for the ride home, and after her set as I drove I knew from that moment forward that I wanted to be a 5’ 6” White Woman. I vowed that within a year I’d have a gig at that place, and within 3 years maybe - just maybe, I’d open for her somewhere. I had a gig there in a bout 3 months due to someone’s cancellation. One year later I was on the road with Shawn for her whole Fat City tour. That was about 30 years ago.

Thanks Shawn. You sound great on Lucy Kaplansky’s new album.

Coaching voice, performance and songwriting, private parties, and custom model building, prices upon request…