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Vance Does: NJ, OH, NY, PA, ME - (who is this agent that sets these "tours" up...)

Hello VanceFans and Friends..

Here’s some gigs:

Sunday, 6/2 Lincroft NJ - UUCongregation of Monmouth County
Thurday,6/13 Port Clinton OH -
Friday, 6/14, Buffalo NY - Baptist Manor Retirement Home - FREE -come...I play for the residents there- it’s a blast
Saterrday, 6/15 Pittsburg PA -
Sunday, 6/16 Croton-on-Hudson, NY The Festival!!
Sataaday 6/22 Brownfield ME, OMG I get my own night! Tix are cheap, as I wouldn’t spend a lot on me either, but you should come.

Thanks to patrons and producers for all 4 shows this past week where I sang sick. As one friend kindly understated, my voice "didn’t have it’s characteristic ring”, but I was waking each morning before shows unable to speak. As an explanation for the more musically inclined, I had my capo on the 7th fret for most songs and played the same hand stuff, yet I sang *lower* to meet it vocally. For the less musically inclined, imagine a whispering Barry White doing Goodbye Pluto on a ukelele. That was me. The humanity of people who listen, and really listen to music rules the day.

Thanks most extra special to Dorothy, for having me play your and Dana’s birthday(s) party. Easily 25% percent of the audience was comprised of your deaf friends, and don’t you know the irony isn’t lost on me that that was the last show, and where I lost almost all of my voice. Don’t you know too how much it mattered to me though that I tried to sing the best I could. Your trust in my artistry for stuff you couldn’t even hear made the art bar higher still, Dorothy. Immeasurable thanks to Jody Prysock for interpreting on the fly and playing with me to boot. We were both coughing and delivering as she was sick too.

Thanks to the Woodlands Community Temple for something altogether something else - a reminder. This pic was on your wall next to my dressing room and it utterly took my legs. Particularly after the recent fires purposely set to rabbis' houses just up the street from me here in Arlington, MA. One rabbi’s house was attacked *twice*. I’m angry, I’m feeling very protective of folks that believe in the goodness their religions give them, and whomever you are, you punk-assed match-striker, you’re on our radar. Yes OUR radar. Little punk-ass hater, if you think that the hate that led to the numbers on that grandmother’s arm is your right to act accordingly, you have a big mixed salad angry community of people here to deal with. Jews, Muslims, and Christians in Arlington are pissed as a group….you won’t get away with a third time. I invite you to look deep into your heart for some goodness in us all. Next to that I ask you to look again.
Finally, if necessary, I invite you to the end of my Louisville Slugger.

Yes, fans, I could write a song about it. But just try me and mine and I’ll be singing and swinging, and not just the way Duke Ellington was talking about...

Video shoot next Monday, Memorial Day in Brooklyn. Come see if you want. Or maybe be in it..Or donate to the cost of it too and get your name on the new CD - We’re doing Good, Good, man as the feature song!! But Yeah, still for Paypal or VanceFunder po Box 17, Arlington, MA 02476 for snail mail checks. Video done well is $$ so I won’t say no...

Coaching of voice, performance, songwriting, private parties, and Matchbox car refurbishing upon request.

Please care for each other, particularly for the ones you care the least about...