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Bird-conquering, and this weekend's NJ and PA gigs

I Win.
I frontloaded with ibuprofen and a small gout pill that I reserve for emergencies, ate bird in moderation, (tons of stuffing however)  and I escaped being hobbled. Thanks for all your suggestions, It was my doctor that came up with the regimen. It was a guess on his part, and he laughed at my jonesing for fowl. Back to being vegan. Gobble gobble, sucker…
Hartford was great, 70-odd folks, even with the Signature Sounds (good folks) Anniversary show up the road. Thanks for the dinner, you know who you are...
 World's Laziest Fundraiser for Jazz Vocal-Guitar Album 
VanceFans - Thanks so much. Period.
Recent thanks to Debbie, Bruce, Juanita, Lawrence, Joe, Barry, Karen, Fred, and Anne. 
Simple. Here's what I do. Me. Guitar. Vocals. 2 mics. No way to complain about "all the other instruments you folkies add to your albums". It's a easy listen kind of affair. 
Here's what you do. Your money. Your name on the album, alphabetical, no matter how much $$ you donate totally Socialist Style. I make it available for download to you free, mail it to you if you really must have it that way. I don't care how much. $1 - $1000. Your name or in someone's memory. 
Write for an address to shoot me a check. Or money when you see me.
~ Last Minute Holiday Party - I have Dec 19, 21, 26, 27, & 28 left, and they'd have to be driveable to me. Cheaper than you think. Come up with a cause you want to give to, name a price, we split it 50-50 or 60-40 if I have to travel, and the 50 or 40% goes to the charity of your choice. You get me playing your party, I get to play and make money, we both get to give a little something to some good cause. for inquiries. 

Voice, Performance, Songwriting Coaching - I just took on an Internationally known vocalist -harpist for songwriting coaching!! Lookout! I'm big time now!! Still time for you too! In person or Skype or FaceTime if need be. About $75 for about an hour. Yeah, I'll give you plenty to do for your money…One time or steady students welcome. 
Friday 12/5 Blairstown NJ
Historic Blairstown Theatre
30 Main Street 
Blairstown, NJ  07825    
Me and Ellis Paul. We'll sit on the stage side by side the whole and swap stories, songs, sing along, and surely laugh some. Tickets are kinda moving fast, so...
Sat 12/6 Phoenixville, PA
Steel City Coffeehouse
Phoenixville, PA
Tix are moving for this shindig too...Sandwiches, salads, mac & cheese, French bread pizza. Exciting harp guitarist Dan LaVoie opens. $3 CDs (I have a mess of one thru fourteen & Somerville Live) for stocking stuffers at this show..
More stuff here, like where I'll be later in this touring
Here's a link to them Fugitive Rewinds - too much fun with the phone video recorder. Enjoy:
Remember. Somewhere out there, you have a hardworking friend that is a policeman. Remember too that Grand Juries gave us Plessy v. Ferguson and Dred Scott v. Sanford decisions. Read, think, look, ask the Black friends you trust what they feel when they take the pulse of race relations in America. There is no agenda and we won't lie to you. Then decide what you will do to have peace and justice.


December 2014

Friday, December 5th 8:00pm
Historic Blairstown Theatre
Historic Blairstown Theatre
Blairstown NJ
Call 908-362-1399 for more details

Saturday, December 6th 8:30pm
Steel City Coffeehouse
Steel City Coffeehouse
Phoenixville PA
Call 610-933-4043      for more details

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